Perform near real-time static monitoring

Apply preventive maintenance safely and cost-effectively to safe on site visits and reduce costs.

Challenges you are probably faced with

Aging infrastructure that are sensitive to cable installations which may cause further damage.

Concrete structures that can’t be drilled into to install cables.

Huge structures that will be costly to monitor with cabled installations.

Casualties and injuries due to infrastructure failures with serious legal implications.

Your solution: Automated IoT-based monitoring

Loadsensing, our industrial monitoring solution, allows owners, operators and administrators of public-private partnerships (PPP) to minimize the risks of failure of critical and aging infrastructures. They can now easily comply with building regulations. Structural designers are enabled to propose the optimal monitoring design without cables to avoid drilling or digging trenches. Structural engineers are now able to implement remote data collection through near real-time monitoring even through various power sources (i.e. solar, wind power).

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Application areas for remote loT monitoring of critical infrastructures


Inclination/tilt, settlements, stress, deformation, expansion or contraction of cracks, joint displacements
Bridge structural elements (piers, deck, stay cables), concrete water dams, airports, buildings, historical monuments, energy sector (nuclear plants, windmills)


Deep horizontal and vertical displacement, water level
Roads, highways, landfills, energy sector (oil, gas)

infographic the 5 ways wireless monitoring can prevent bridges from collapsing

IoT remote monitoring for critical infrastructures

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Success story

Underground water level measurement of dams in the Czech Republic

Loadsensing data nodes and gateways are helping to carry out critical wireless underground water level measurements at the Olešná and Slezská Harta dams.

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Remote sensing in times of COVID-19: just what the doctor ordered

Construction is halting. Mining is being paused. Traffic is disappearing. But even when critical infrastructure lies idle, it still needs to be monitored.


Worldsensing develops an unprecedented security solution for protecting critical infrastructures

New jammer detector deployed for railway network security Barcelona, September 2019 In May 2016, the CIPSEC Project kicked off with the clear [...]

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