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Angela Lluch


What would you like people to know about you?

I have a taste for the exotic. I love traveling, it’s a passion. Whenever I’m away, I like to soak up new cultures: what do people eat, what do they wear, and so on. I lived in Singapore for a few years and I loved to watch people while I was travelling on the metro because there was such a mix of people, such cultural diversity.

What has made you feel included at work?

This is a company that is growing and maturing, and what I love is that I have the feeling I really matter, that people value my opinion and do not feel any bias in favour or against me just because I’m a woman. Here they always look for feedback and take your views into account, they trust you to contribute to the growth plan as an employee regardless of your gender, as simple as that.

How do you think each person can help create an inclusive environment at work?

I think first of all you have to be tolerant with other people. Everyone has their own style of working. Just because someone doesn’t work the way you do, that doesn’t mean they are doing it better or worse. Taking into account that diversity of styles, you should provide constructive criticism and say things in a constructive way.


About Worldsensing

Worldsensing is a global IoT pioneer. Founded in 2008, the infrastructure monitoring expert serves customers in more than 70 countries, with a network of global partners to jointly drive safety in mining, construction, rail and structural health.

Worldsensing is headquartered in Barcelona and has a local presence in the UK, North and South America, Singapore, Australia and Poland. Investors include Cisco Systems, Mitsui & Co, McRock Capital, ETF, Kibo Ventures and JME Ventures.

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