Technical Session: Event Detection Solution

Join us for a solution overview, setup and quick demo.


Juan Perez

Geotechnical Engineer and Head of Application Engineering, Worldsensing

Juan Perez is the Head of Application Engineering at Worldsensing based in Barcelona. He has 15+ years experience and knowledge of geotechnics, construction site management, instrumentation, data management, data acquisition systems and low-power wide area LPWA networks.

Karen Figueroa

IoT communications expert and Product Marketing Manager, Worldsensing

Karen Figueroa has been handling product marketing for wireless technologies for the last 16 years. Before moving to Barcelona in 2017, she handled brand and product management in the telecommunications industry in Manila. She has moderated several Worldsensing webinars and has facilitated live TV, radio and theatre productions.

Be among the first to learn how Worldsensing's Event Detection Solution works.

1. Ground Motion Monitoring

– Why do we need to detect deformation activity in real-time and sample applications.

2. Solution Overview

– Key components, features, requirements and scope.

– How the solution works and how it can be integrated with your visualization software or early warning system.

3. Quick Demo

A solution demo including the device, threshold and sampling rate configurations and a live presentation of the messages received via MQTT.

4. Q&A session

Join in for a live Q&A session or simply sign up to get a copy of the webinar.


Tuesday, December 14th

11am EDT / 5pm CET

Duration 1 hour


In this webinar you can:

Learn about the Event Detection Solution.
Immediately take the next steps to improve your monitoring processes.
Consult our experts about your monitoring challenges.