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PART 3 – Remote monitoring of tailings dams Q&A series: Loadsensing installation and operations


The highest possible acquisition rate when using Loadsensing is one sample every 30 seconds.

PART 2 – Remote monitoring of tailings dams Q&A series: common issues and solutions


Loadsensing is the simplest way to collect tailings dam stability readings in near real time.

PART 1 – Remote monitoring of tailings dams Q&A series: Canada-specific queries


The lowest temperature we’ve reached is -38ºC in the field and -40ºC in the lab.

7 pain points and 7 of our solutions for customers using IoT networks

Critical Infrastructure

Even though it’s 2020, a surprising number of companies still collect data manually.

Remote sensing in times of COVID-19: just what the doctor ordered

Critical Infrastructure

“In these times, … it’s more important to be able to monitor all your assets from a centralized point.”

How to Choose a Ground Anchor


It is important to choose a ground anchor that is best suited to the requirements of a project

Explaining Smart Ground Anchors


Smart ground anchors can deliver condition data on an almost continuous basis if needed.

Making the Case for Using Smart Ground Anchors as Standard


It’s important ground anchors be properly maintained. Load cells allow control anchors to be checked any time with minimum effort.

As Mais Recentes Tecnologias para o Gerenciamento de Riscos em Minas


Desastres recentes com barragens de rejeitos como o do complexo de mineração em Córrego do Feijão.

What makes a wireless monitoring system reliable? Some key answers for the tunneling industry


Key answers from Worldsensing industry experts on wireless system for monitoring tunnel construction activities.

Cybersecurity mission: meeting the evolving needs of the industry


Cybersecurity added to the industrial IoT field for a unique solution to monitor infrastructures for non-expert users

Metro and High-Speed Train Tunnel Construction: Underground and Surface Wireless Monitoring


Webinar on how wireless technology can address the specific needs of tunneling projects for both Underground and Surface Monitoring.


How monitoring can help make tailings dams safer

This ebook, written by our mining and IoT experts, will help you understand the new challenges and solutions in tailings dam monitoring.