We offer solutions to monitor construction sites

For synchronized and safer operations

Modern construction projects are subject to tight terms and budgets, and have to comply with a wide variety of safety and environmental regulations. Any deviation or incident can delay or even paralyze the works and also substantially increase the estimated cost of the project.

Real-time monitoring of works allows operators to know a project’s status and evolution at all times. From metro tunnels in cities and excavations in building construction, any problems can be detected before they become a danger; this helps to minimize the chances of costly changes or emergency operations, allowing operators to stick to terms and budget plans.

Worldsensing is a pioneer in IoT wireless monitoring. Through Loadsensing, its leading wireless monitoring system using long-range and low-power data nodes and software solutions, construction site operators are able to remotely monitor and manage all critical stages of a construction project, from demolition and excavation through to high-risk and highly complex jobs.


  • Optimize maintenance cycles
  • Minimize the total cost of ownership
  • Monitor difficult-to-access critical points
  • Fulfill Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) regulations
  • Anticipate problems and avert cost-intensive accidents
  • Save resources when installing system through fast implementation
  • Decrease opeational costs through easy maintenance


Products you will need to implement Construction Site Monitoring

The leading wireless monitoring system for critical assets & infrastructures

Smart Solutions for Construction Projects

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