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LS-G6 monitors Aguas Teñidas tailing dam, in South Spain

The mining sector trusts Worldsensing Industrial technologies again, as it can be seen in this new mining monitoring project. This time LS-G6 is used to monitor the tailing dam of Aguas Teñidas copper mine in the south of Spain. 
Tailing dams are one of the most critical mining infrastructures since they are used for permanent storage of toxic mineral waste. Some tailing dam failures occured in the past have been highly damaging for the  downstream population and environment.  In the same region, the Aznalcollar tailing dam failed catastrophically  in April 1998 creating one of the worst environmental disasters in Spain. 
Preventing those incidents is now possible through an authomatic real-time monitoring system such us LS-G6.
Aguas Teñidas copper mine restarted its activity by Matsa- Trafigura in 2009 , being one of the largest, modern and more sustainable mines in Spain. Since then, the market volatility and the mineral low prices have brought the company to enhance productivity and safety practices. 
The company has chosen Worldsensing monitoring solutions to improve Aguas Teñidas mine safety. LS-G6 has been deployed to automatise the tailing dam. Some wireless dataloggers control 24/7 the water pressure of the piezometric network form all growth phases of the dam.

The LS-G6 system, containing long-life batteries and long range radio, is and optimal solution for real time control of critical infrastructures like tailing dams.

LS-G6 monitors Aguas Teñidas tailing dam, in South Spain
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